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Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

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Forest School Blog

Every week, pupils spend time outside the classroom with the Forest School teacher. This blog will be updated regularly to share some of their exciting learning.

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  • 25/01/22

    Fun in Forest School

    The children in one of Monday's Forest School sessions had a great time navigating through a Web Maze, while touching the string as little as possible. They did this in teams, and no-one was allowed to use the same hole/path as another team member.  This meant they had t...
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  • 15/12/21

    Year 4 - Can You See Me?

    In their Forest School session this week the children in year 4 played different games using camouflage.  They had great fun and loved the face paint!      
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  • 10/11/21

    Enjoying Team Games

    In Forest School this week year 4 played lots of team games and looked at the Autumn changes in the trees.
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  • 05/11/21

    Year 4 at Forest School

    Year 4 had a fabulous time at forest school this week. They certainly seemed to enjoy being out in the fresh air and got really stuck into the job of building models out of natural clay and wood. Bet they can't wait until next Tuesday!    
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  • 22/06/21

    Year 2 at Forest School

    Year 2 played a memory game in Forest School this week.  They had to find two items they thought were interesting or different, discuss what they had found and explain why they chose it.  One of each child's items were then placed on a mat and all the items were covered...
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  • 07/05/21

    Year 6 - Forest School Adventures

    Year 6 had more Forest School adventures on Thursday afternoon.  They played 'Capture the Flag' and 'Buzzy Bee' which involved the wearing of blindfolds with hilarious consequences!  They also got to build stretchers strong enough to hold a person using rope, tarpaulin and...
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  • 19/03/21

    Reception Class loved Forest School!

    Reception Class have been thoroughly enjoying their first experience of taking part in Forest School on Thursday afternoons!   
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  • 04/12/20

    Year 4 - Forest School

    Year 4 had a great (but very muddy!) time in Forest School on Thursday afternoon!    
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  • 21/10/20

    Round the Campfire

    Year 6 enjoyed another fun afternoon of activities during Forest School making charcoal.  The children stripped wood and chopped it into pieces which were then placed into a tin with a hole in the top.  Next the children collected wood and bark to use to build a fire.  Once the fire w...
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  • 06/10/20

    Thursday 1st October

    Year 6 children enjoyed another fun packed but challenging afternoon of activities outdoors on Thursday.  Most of the games worked on their teambuilding, trust and leadership skills.  Great fun was had by all!   
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  • 28/09/20

    Year 6 - Forest School Sessions

    The second Forest School session of the term with Josh was highly anticipated by Year 6 as they knew it was going to be all about ‘camouflage’.  The children loved applying camouflage paint to their faces and in some cases arms whilst Josh explained the rules of the ‘Capture t...
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  • 06/12/19

    Fun and Games

    We have done loads of things this week.  Den building, slacklining and trying to catch rain in our mouths...
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