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Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

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Forest School

From January 2022, pupils will spend time outside the classroom enjoying Forest School sessions.  Each class will attend Forest School for a minimum of six weeks.

The Forest School activities enable children to learn new skills and use tools in a controlled and safe environment.  All activities are risk assessed thoroughly and the ratio of adult to child is 1:8.  Come rain or shine, the children will be ready to learn and therefore we need to ensure that they are wearing suitable outdoor clothing:

  •  Old t-shirt or comfortable long sleeve top
  •  Wellingtons or sturdy trainers
  •  Waterproof trousers or spare trousers (i.e. jogging bottoms - PE kit joggers are fine)
  •  Waterproof jacket/ Warm fleece/ Warm coat if the weather is cold

Children will wear their Forest School clothes to school and old clothes are preferable.  If your child does not bring spare clothes, then they WILL still be allowed to participate, but please bear in mind that their school uniform will almost certainly get dirty!

Please see below some of our past Forest School blogs.

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  • 28/09/20

    Year 6 - Forest School Sessions

    The second Forest School session of the term with Josh was highly anticipated by Year 6 as they knew it was going to be all about ‘camouflage’.  The children loved applying camouflage paint to their faces and in some cases arms whilst Josh explained the rules of the ‘Capture t...
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  • 06/12/19

    Fun and Games

    We have done loads of things this week.  Den building, slacklining and trying to catch rain in our mouths...
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  • 15/11/19

    We Love Trees!

    This week we have climbed a lot of trees and run around  a lot to stay warm!   We also tried a spot of tree hugging...
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  • 12/11/19

    Trees, Games and Muddy Puddles .....

    Last week in Forest School we climbed trees, played games, splashed in muddy puddles and found beautiful fungi, lichen and moss....     
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  • 25/09/19

    Camouflage and Hot Chocolate

    More camouflage and making our own hot chocolate with a Kelly Kettle, a Forest School first!!     
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  • 20/09/19

    Having fun in Forest School

    We love Forest School!  So far this term, we have been enjoying the fabulous weather and our beautiful local area.  We have experimented with camouflage, found mini beasts and collected thousands of huge acorns!
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  • 15/07/19

    Last Week in Forest School

    We made the most of the fabulous weather last week.  Activities included den and raft building, slacklining and playing loads of games! 
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  • 14/06/19

    Forest School Fun!

    Bit wet this week but we had fun anyway.  We had ditch jumping competitions, hot chocolate up a tree and built some awesome dens!      
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  • 07/06/19

    Lots of Fun and Laughter

    This week, we laughed in spite of the rain.  We went den building and tested it for waterproofness with water guns!  We got a little wet!!   Some of the tadpoles in the pond have changed into teeny, tiny frogs.  The rest are still swimming around!    
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  • 16/05/19

    This week in Forest School

    We have been enjoying the glorious sunshine this week!  We had fun slacklining and studying minibeasts that we found.   
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  • 08/05/19

    Exploring the Local Area

    Last week we enjoyed the lovely weather while we were out and about exploring the local area.  We had lots of messy fun!   
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  • 24/04/19

    Fun in the Mud

    This week we have been tadpoling at Black Lake.  There were thousands of them!!  We also made mud balls to play throw and catch with, very messy indeed!  Then it was on to mud pies...  
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