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Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

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School Garden Update

Lots more to update you on:

Grow your own Potatoes – The two potato varieties in our bags are continuing to grow well and the children who are still in school have been watering them during this surprisingly warm and dry weather!

Beneath the Soil Experiment -  We were amazed to see just how tall the stems were on these two plants. Their root systems were also developing really well.

Runner Beans – The Runner Beans we planted two weeks ago have already sprouted due to the warmth inside the classroom, so they have now been moved to the Environmental Classroom where it is much cooler.

Sunflower Seed Experiment – Our five different sunflower seeds we planted four weeks ago have still not sprouted so we can conclude that the seeds were not viable.  They weren’t thrown away though, we put all the spare seeds out for the birds.

Strawberry Plants – The children in school last week have planted these straight into the second raised bed.

Sunflower Seeds – Both varieties have sprouted and these have also been put into the Environmental Classroom.

Dead Hedge – The children in school have been busy moving all the branches and twigs from the School, Garden Area into the new hedge.  It is looking great and I know all the insects will enjoy their new home.

Happy gardening everyone ..…