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Brookwood Primary School

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How Does Your Garden Grow?

The grass in the school garden is covered with daisies and the oak tree is now in full leaf providing lots of shade.  Fortunately, we managed to move the raised planters into the sunshine before we planted them. Everything has grown even more since last week, the plants are continuing to enjoy this warm sunny weather and Mrs Coe has been watering every couple of days to ensure nothing goes thirsty.

As you can see from the photographs we have many more flowers on the pea plants now.  Once they have been pollinated (visited by the bees) the flowers fade to make way for the pea pods.  Lots of flowers means that we will have a good crop of peas.

The potatoes are also growing well and have been topped up with compost which is at the very top of the bag now.  The runner beans are continuing to climb up their poles, and the sunflowers have also put a growth spurt on.  

If you have some photos of plants you have grown from seed in your garden, why not send them in to

Happy gardening!