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Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

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School Garden Update

The school garden is continuing to grow well, although some of the plants are finding this very hot weather challenging and Mrs Coe and the children in school have been busy watering everything every couple of days.

The calendulas and nasturtiums we planted a couple of weeks ago into the empty pots at the front of the school, have grown really well and are just beginning to come into flower.  The sunflowers are already lifting their heads up and the runner beans are full of orange flowers waiting to be pollinated.

Our potatoes in bags are almost ready to be harvested and have needed lots of water in this hot weather. Don’t worry, we will ensure that the harvesting, when it takes place, is videoed for all the school to see.  All the peas have finished flowering so we are now just waiting for the pea pods to fatten up.  This week, the children in school were once again, able to pick and eat a few more ripe peas, they were delicious.

Finally, our strawberries are also fattening up and sending out ‘runners’, these create new plants, if you let them – we cut them off so all the plant’s energy goes into producing strawberries.  Some of the strawberry plants have not flowered so we took these out and in their place planted two mystery plants … any ideas what they might be?

If you have some photos of plants you have grown from seed in your garden, why not send them in to

Happy gardening everyone!