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Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

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School Garden Update

This week was 'Potato Harvest' week, however because of the ‘in-school bubbles’ year 6 were the lucky ones who helped Mrs Coe find the buried treasure (potatoes)!

In order to actually get to the potatoes we had to cut off the foliage at the top of the bags and put this into the compost bin.  Then we tipped the bags upside-down to allow the potatoes to be found.  These were placed straight away into a black bag and any soil that was left over was also placed into the composter.  The two different varieties of early potatoes (Rocket and Regional) produced very similar harvested weight – approximately 2kg of potatoes.  Which, bearing in mind we started with only three potatoes is pretty amazing!  We will send these results off to the ‘Grow Your Own Potatoes’ team to see how we compare against other schools who took part in the competition.

The rest of the school garden is growing well.  We have seen our first sunflower in bloom and have picked quite a few peas.  The strawberries are beginning to redden but this has attracted the birds so we have put some netting over them to protect them while they ripen up.

Our planted flower-pots at the front of the school are looking really colourful and are very welcoming to all the parents and children who have been returning to school this week.

If you have some photos of plants you have grown from seed in your garden, why not send them in to

Happy gardening!