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Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

Aspirational, Caring, Enriching

Our Curriculum

Our broad and balanced curriculum has been designed to inspire and excite our children and has been designed to meet the needs of the 21st century. Our aim is for our curriculum to extend the children's knowledge, skills and understanding and develops personal attributes.

All subjects are taught progressively throughout the year and across the school. Children’s learning builds on previously learnt skills and knowledge. The curriculum is relevant to the children in our school, and reflects key events of the times. It is rich in language allowing children to use new vocabulary confidently. It is inclusive so that all children can grow and achieve with their learning and all cultures, backgrounds and beliefs will be reflected. Our curriculum is diverse in content so that the children can learn a wide variety of skills and knowledge that will be useful to them as they develop and grow. Most of all our curriculum will be enriching so that both staff and students are keen and eager to deliver lessons and take part in activities both in and out of the classroom.

Our Intent

  • To provide a progressive, rich in language, inclusive, diverse and enriching curriculum which has its roots based on our school values of happiness, enthusiasm, aspiration, respect and togetherness
  • To deliver an ambitious, aspirational curriculum which is well planned and is specifically designed to meet the needs of our community
  • To provide an engaging curriculum which is planned sequentially, allowing children to build on previous learning and securing firm foundations for the future
  • To excite, inspire and empower children through a range of cultural experiences alongside offering a range of literature that reflects our values and validates their realities
  • To promote a sense of community for our children, families and the wider community including service families
  • To prepare children so leave Brookwood as independent, articulate, motivated, aspirational and confident ahead of their next stage of education.


  • Teachers will have strong subject knowledge and will be supported to maintain and improve this knowledge through training, observing best practice and undertaking relevant research
  • Subject leaders will provide colleagues with support for planning, resourcing and teaching
  • Lessons will incorporate examples; retrieval practice and, over time, revisit teaching and knowledge skills
  • Materials with lessons will be broken down into manageable ‘chunks’ to ensure access to learning
  • High quality texts will be used from Reception to Year 6 building on the foundations of excellent teaching of phonics through Read Write Inc
  • The school curriculum map will be planned to ensure that teaching is sequential with the teacher ensuring that knowledge and skills are taught in a logical and progressive order
  • The teaching of key and rich vocabulary will be a primary feature in all subjects


The impact of our curriculum is evaluated through end of year assessments and Government tests; through regular Governor and Trust meetings, reviews, visits and through our own monitoring of teaching, learning and pupil voice.

  • All children achieve well by developing knowledge and skills on their journey through school. This is demonstrated through successful outcomes at EYFS, Phonics (Year 1), Keys Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. 
  • Through our school values, we instil the importance of being inclusive, motivated and respectful
  • Our curriculum is inclusive and diverse and children with SEND achieve the best possible outcomes
  • Children leave Brookwood ready for a successful transition to secondary school.



Subject Visions

Art and Design Technology 

Art, craft and design provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences and a special way of understanding and responding to the world.’

When teaching Art and DT at Brookwood our main intention is to give children the opportunity to not only express themselves but to gain the confidence in doing so. We want to teach children that there is no wrong or right within the subject whilst ensuring that key skills such as painting, drawing, designing, sculpturing and crafting is consistently taught. We want children to be aware of various artists and designers and to dive into the history of Art and DT and how it has developed and changed through the years.

Through the teaching of Art and DT at Brookwood we encourage individuality and promote self-belief within the children. We want them to communicate how they feel and be inspired by what they see whilst having the confidence to be self-reflective and evaluative. We want to encourage the children to be experimental, using varied textures, colours and material and to know the importance of why we use the varied skills when creating.


When teaching Computing at Brookwood we aim to create responsible digital citizens who have a clear understanding of how to use the internet safely and responsibly. We want our children to know how to keep themselves and others safe online and what to do if they are unhappy about something they find. As our children grow up in an ever-increasing digital world it is important for us to equip them with the skills they will need for future work places and continued studies. We aim for our children to be digitally literate, understanding how to create, combine and use different programmes and to understand basic programming.


We believe that learning another language provides children with a range of skills which supports them throughout their whole life. It develops communication and literacy skills which lay the foundation for future language learning. Learning another language raises awareness of the multilingual and multicultural world in which we live and introduces an international dimension to children’s learning, giving them an insight into their own culture and those of others.

In Key Stage 1 we begin to introduce vocabulary, focussing on listening to and speaking French, with reading and writing cross curricular opportunities being introduced later in Key Stage 2. As a whole school, we will also participate in French activities through French Days and French assemblies to provide a real sense of purpose for our language learning.


At Brookwood we aim to create inquisitive Geographers who have a real passion for exploring the world around them. Our children will have an in depth understanding of the local area and areas further afield, being able to talk about their similarities and differences both from a human and physical perspective. We want our children to ask and answer their own geographical questions and be able to link their results to the wider world.

As children progress through the school we want them to have a clear understanding of their place in the world and how this fits into a global context. We aim to provide ‘A high-quality geography education should inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.’ National curriculum programmes of study.


History will be taught to contextualise and ignite an interest in global and local history. Throughout year groups, a chronological timeline of local and global history will be created and reinforced with immersive school trips and discussions to pique curiosity and create memorable anchors for learning. A school-wide learning journey will be visible and trackable to all with opportunities throughout Key Stages to enthuse lower year groups; in turn consolidating their own knowledge and nurturing previous learning. Children should be exposed to a wide range of Historical events, be able to recognise how they have impacted global and local society and immerse themselves in projects through cross curricular learning and vocational opportunities. By the end of each term, children should have confidence in showcasing current learning to peers, staff and parents through celebration days of learning.

By the end of Year 6, children should leave school with a broad understanding of local and global history that has been developed through active learning opportunities and are able to draw connections between key historical time periods and how they have impacted modern life.

  • Integrative learning
  • Growth of knowledge
  • Nurture previous learning
  • Inclusivity of all abilities
  • Thought provoking
  • Evaluative and reflective learning journey


At Brookwood we believe that Mathematics equips pupils with a powerful set of skills to understand the world. These skills include logical reasoning, problem solving and ability to think in abstract ways. Mathematics is important in everyday life, many forms of employment, science and technology, the economy and the environment. Every day, children participate in maths activities that promote fluency, reasoning, investigation and problem solving.


Our intent is:

  • To provide children with opportunities to develop and improve on essential life skills such as counting, understanding  and using shapes and measure.
  • To provide children with opportunities to count and make mathematical links through play, singing and adult guided activities – both indoors and outside.
  • For pupils will be confident to use mathematical language and develop patience and persistence when solving problems.

In Key Stage 1

We know that it is challenging for our pupils who are working at the expected standard at EYFS to meet the end of Key Stage 1 expectations due to their ability to understand mathematical vocabulary.

Our intent is:

  • To provide pupils with opportunities to develop a greater understanding of mathematical vocabulary and foster an environment where it is ok to make ‘good mistakes’ because the journey to finding an answer is most important.
  • For pupils to be able to confidently apply learnt skills to problem solve.

In Key Stage 2

Our pupils begin KS2 with good fluency skills but are less confident at applying mathematical skills, especially problem solving and reasoning.

Our intent is:

  • To develop reasoning skills so that our pupils are confident to apply learnt skills to solve problems, ensuring that pupils attain at least in line as their non-disadvantaged peers.
  • For pupils to be able to articulate their reasoning confidently and logically when solving mathematical problems
  • For pupils to understand the relevance of what they are learning in relation to real world concepts.


At Brookwood we aim for every lesson to include fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

  • Fluency:   We believe it is important for children to learn and memorise key facts.
  • Reasoning: We believe that children should be able to give reasons for their answers and to think more critically about their work, justifying their answers.
  • Problem solving & Investigations:   Maths at Brookwood is taught using real life examples and contexts. Children are challenged to solve problems that will help them become active citizens in the world we live in.

Times Tables

At Brookwood, we expect all children to learn their number bonds and times tables. This ability to quickly recall number facts allows children to be more efficient at Mathematics. We have regular ‘Times Tables’ focus lesson starters to improve the speed and stamina of children.  Each term we hold competitions on Times Table Rock Stars for Years 3, 4, 5, 6 and enjoy competing against our partner schools in the Bourne Education Trust.

Please help your child practise their times tables for 10-20 minutes twice a week.


Our vision is for Music to be used creatively throughout the curriculum. Our aim is to create a new generation of musicians, who have the confidence to express themselves through the medium of music and performance.

The school promotes music through high quality music lessons through the Charanga scheme of learning, an uplifting weekly singing assembly and a flourishing choir. In addition, there is a wide range of musical instrument tuition offered at Brookwood. We further foster musical appreciation by encouraging the children to perform solo or group pieces in a variety of different contexts such as assemblies, school concerts and an annual music festival. Furthermore, all of our children are given the opportunity to learn the ukulele in Key Stage 2.


At Brookwood we believe that physical education is a key component of children’s overall education and development. It enables children to improve their core motor skills as well as developing self-esteem, social inclusion, team work and fitness. The children are taught a range of sports which are season specific. For example:
Autumn term = netball/ basketball/ football, hockey
Spring term = gymnastics/ dance and bench ball
Summer term = cricket/ rounders and athletics

Lessons start with a thorough warm up led by teachers and children. Children enjoy taking responsibility for leading the warm ups and these opportunities help to develop the children’s leadership and management skills. During lessons, all children are encouraged to demonstrate a specific skill to the class and are also given responsibility to coach and support each other. Children are monitored and supported closely and provided with constructive feedback. At the end of each lesson the children are assessed on the key skills that they have learnt.

In line with the National curriculum, at the beginning and end of each half-term children are assessed on their fitness and their ability to throw and catch. This is designed to boost the children’s overall fitness levels and ability.

Our PE is taught by a specialist coach from NS Sports. As well as teaching every class each week, the coaches inspire all the children with a range of extra-curricular clubs and tournaments. For a small school we do exceptionally well in competitions, often winning. As well as developing a resilient and positive attitude to competitive sports, we also ensure participation in inclusive borough events too and host a variety of tournaments and events.


Our school values of happiness, enthusiasm, aspiration, respect and togetherness is a core thread that runs through all of our curriculum including our Personal, Social, Health education (PSHE) which is where we teach statutory Relationships and Health Education. At Brookwood, we value PSHE as one way to support children’s development as human beings, to enable them to understand and respect who they are, to empower them with a voice and to equip them for life and learning. We teach PSHE as a whole-school approach to underpin children’s development as people and because we believe that this also supports their learning capacity. We include statutory Relationships and Health Education within our whole- school PSHE Programme. Relationships Education should promote respect, love and care in relationships and be inclusive of difference. Relationships, Health and Sex Education should enable children to learn about their bodies, give them an ability to recognise if other people make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe, and the understanding to report abuse and get help if needed. It should teach children how to be safe, and develop positive relationships, both on and offline. Lots of children start puberty, or are aware of physical changes, before they leave primary school. It is important that children are supported to understand the physical and emotional changes that adolescence brings. They also need access to information that is factual and not misinformed from their peers or media.


Our chosen PSHE programme of study – SCARF (Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience & Friendship), which also includes Relationship and Sex Education, aims to equip our children with the knowledge, understanding, skills and strategies required to become healthy, independent and responsible members of the community. Our curriculum intends to develop the whole child through carefully planned and resources lessons that foster children’s knowledge and skills necessary to grow personally and socially, to protect and enhance their wellbeing, to stay safe and healthy, build and maintain successful relationships and become active citizens, who are able to responsibly contribute to society. SCARF promotes a deep understanding of British Values, developing appreciation of others and their value, as well as build positive views of themselves. All of the topics support social, moral, spiritual and cultural development and provide with appropriate and essential safeguarding knowledge to enable them to know they can ask for help. The SCARF programme of study is fully in line with the learning outcomes and core themes of the PSHE Association Scheme of work. It covers all the required objectives and follows the three core areas of Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World. It also fulfils the requirements of the 2020 Statutory Relationship and Health Education which enables all pupils to build good, safe and healthy relationships. SCARF provides Brookwood with an effective framework for children’s wellbeing. Children are enabled to develop the vocabulary, confidence and resilience to clearly articulate their thoughts and feelings within an environment that encourage openness, trust and respect and know when and how they can seek the support of others. They will apply their understanding of society to their everyday interactions, from the classroom to the wider community they are part of. SCARF actively supports our school which prioritises physical and mental health, providing pupils with the skills to evaluate their own wellbeing needs, practice self-care and contribute positively to the wellbeing of those around them. Our PSHE provision has a positive impact on the whole child, including their attainment and progress, by mitigating any social and emotional barriers to learning and build on their self-esteem. At Brookwood, we use SCARF as a tool to promote wellbeing, safeguarding and SMSC outcomes. We believe that through the effective delivery of the SCARF curriculum we enable pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to succeed at school and in the wider world. Whilst PSHE develops knowledge and skills that are used in other curriculum subjects and aspects of the school day, at Brookwood, PSHE is a planned, standalone subject and taught by class teachers. We allocate one lesson per week to PSHE teaching. The amount of time spent teaching a lesson will vary depending on the age and development of the children.

Religious Studies 

When teaching RE at Brookwood we aim to engage the children in the ‘Big’ questions of the world and how they are addressed through varied religions and world views. Our Aim is to develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We want the children to have an understanding of the religions around the world and the way they are celebrated. We strive to ensure that each child is entitled to their opinion, and that respecting others and how they think and believe is key when learning. We want the children to be aware of how RE is relevant to their lives today and how the history of religions has shaped us.  We think it is of vital importance that the children are able to show their individuality, and strive to promote curiosity and questioning through discussion and debate.  Within various religions, celebrations and how people celebrate is a key area to be taught. Therefore, in Brookwood, our vision is to make our lessons creative, active and fun; giving the children the opportunity to experience the special festivities around the world and dipping our toes into how other people live around us.



At Brookwood, we aim to provide an irresistible curriculum which will instil a lifelong love of science in our pupils.  Our curriculum fosters a healthy curiosity in children about natural phenomena and develops a respect for both living and non-living things.  Through this, they learn how science can be used to explain what is happening around them and make their own predictions.


We follow the science ‘Programme of Study’ outlined in the National Curriculum to plan lessons which allow opportunities for problem solving and encourage pupils to investigate their own questions.  Children participate in weekly science lessons, which are well thought out and planned to demonstrate progressions and allow them to design and carry out experiments and investigations. 


Children will leave Brookwood with a wide range of skills linked to scientific knowledge and enquiry; vocabulary to enable them to enable them to articulate their understanding of taught concepts and the aspirations which will enable them to higher education, work and life skills.