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Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

Aspirational, Caring, Enriching

Roles and Responsibilities

At Brookwood, we encourage children to take an active role in school life and they are invited to take on certain roles and responsibilities. These include:

House Captains (Year 6)

House Captains play a pivotal role in the success of Brookwood. House Captains help lead events, perform administrative tasks, represent their house and school during events and most importantly, lead by example by modelling the school’s HEART Values.  We have three houses (Blue, Green & Red) and we have two captains per house. 

Blue: To be confirmed for 2022-23

Green: To be confirmed for 2022-23

Red: To be confirmed for 2022-23

Tasks include: Helping out at sports events, charity events and assemblies. In addition, some of the administrative task include collecting house point tokens each week and calculating which house is awarded the half termly cup!

Head Librarians (Year 6)

Librarians: To be confirmed for 2022-23

As librarians, we have a special role in the library. We help children take out and return books, as well as recommending books.

As a team, we help decorate the library for events such as: Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Winter and Autumn.

Some of our other roles include keeping the library tidy, making sure everyone enjoys reading in the library and also sharing books with classes. 

Sports Leaders

To be confirmed for 2022-23.

Sport leaders have been identified and trained to encourage all children to get involved in sports and games with the aim to raise the profile of sport in the school through peers. Leaders promote leadership qualities such as teamwork, good listening skills, fair play and respect. Some of the young leaders’ roles include refereeing and coordinating games for younger year groups, updating sports board with match reports and photos, counting and sharing sport house points weekly. Furthermore, Sport Leaders promote and encourage their peers to display our HEART Values within PE and fixtures.

School Council

To be confirmed for 2022-23