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Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

Brookwood Primary School

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Safeguarding Guidelines for Contractors and Visitors

Bourne Education Trust is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and requires all employees, visitors, contractors and volunteers to demonstrate this commitment in every aspect of their work. Our policies aim to ensure that the appropriate boundaries are kept in place to protect all pupils, and to protect adults from allegations of abuse.


Following the guidelines below will ensure adherence to Bourne Education Trust policies and procedures. 

On arrival at school and for any subsequent visits:

  • Please sign in at reception and wear a visitor’s badge at all times.  
  • Please act in a professional manner at all times, being mindful of your appearance and language.
  • Do not use your mobile phone around pupils and under no circumstances take photographs or video of pupils on any type of device.
  • Children are inquisitive and may ask you what you are doing. Entering into conversation is a natural thing to do, but do not seek, or share any personal information.  Please be mindful of ‘banter’, which can be misconstrued.
  • If a pupil or another adult says something that is inappropriate or makes you feel uneasy, please report it immediately to a member of staff who will give you appropriate guidance as to next steps.  
  • Ensure that you uphold fundamental British Values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and respect and tolerance for people from different beliefs and religious faiths.
  • In the unlikely event you are working alone in a space with a single pupil present, please remove yourself immediately and either wait for the pupil to leave or speak to a member of staff so they can ensure the space is vacated.
  • If you find yourself in a situation where a child makes a disclosure to you, this concern must be passed on and dealt with immediately where possible and on the same day without exception 


Who to speak to about any safeguarding concerns: 

All schools have a designated safeguarding lead to whom you can talk. Any member of staff will help to point you to the right person.   The Designated safeguarding contacts for Brookwood School are:



Your attendance at any Bourne Education Trust site will be deemed as an indication that you have read and understood these guidelines and will fully comply with their contents.