At Brookwood, our intent is to provide children with opportunities to develop and improve on essential maths life skills such as understanding of numbers, measuring, shapes, fractions and more. Our intent is for children to be confident to use mathematical language and develop patience and persistence when solving problems. Our intent is for children to be able to articulate their reasoning confidently and logically when solving mathematical problems.


At Brookwood, we use the White Rose Curriculum. We aim for every lesson to include fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

• Fluency: We believe it is important for children to learn and memorise key facts.

• Reasoning: We believe that children should be able to give reasons for their answers for their answers and to think more critically about their work, justifying their answers.

• Problem Solving and Reasoning: Maths at Brookwood is taught using real life examples and contexts. Children are challenged to solve problems that will help them become active citizens in the world we live in.


Children will leave Brookwood understanding the relevance of what they are learning in relation to real world concepts. They will have a range of skills and resources that will enable them to be successful in KS3 and one day in the workplace. They will understand that it is okay to make ‘good mistakes’ because the journey for find an answer is most important.

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